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Simba Sax is the moniker of DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist, Evan Fleming. Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, his sonic styling is inspired by the emerging sounds of transformational festival culture and the auditory aesthetics of iconic international destinations popularized by its devotees. Exotic and electronic, the music of Simba Sax is a mosaic of sexy, sophisticated compositions characterized by predominately progressive House rhythms, peppered with elements of Jazz, Funk, Disco, and World Bass. Versatile yet consistent, every live set from Simba Sax is a living prayer to the dance floor and those who make it a vibe.”
With each successive listen, Simba Sax's "Nocturnal" has me falling deeper and deeper — I love it. To a night sky with gorgeous vistas of the milky way, sounds of streams, and the crisp, fresh air, "Nocturnal" takes me there. When African-themed vocals kick in, it's as though a fire has been lit as we dance around it. The ecstasy builds as the night draws to a close but not before a second drop takes us exactly where we need to be for full rapture and transformation. On the one hand, some sounds play through headphones, on the other, a fully transportive journey is experienced — it all depends on where the listener lets the sounds take them. I hope to see you by the fireside. - Jami Selikow” - Indie Shuffle

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